Welcome to Get Connected the home of first Remote Tech Support Services in theVirgin Islands. We are providing onsite and remote assistance to home and business with networking issues.
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I am proud to introduce you to a company that can assist you with all of your personal and business tech support needs. The company is Get Connected.  I recently became acquainted with the company and marveled at the awesome quality of work production.  Since then, I have joined the marketing and sales team of Get Connected.

The Get Connected team offers over 20 years of expertise in the tech support industry. We provide an array of services ranging from computer repairs, website design and maintenance, networking, software applications, cell phone repairs, and remote monitoring services. We offer hourly rate plans as well as low unbeatable monthly subscriptions. By partnering with us through our agent program, persons earn commission on sale.  Please see our agent section of the site for more information.

We look forward to solving your personal and business needs and providing you with quality, timely, and efficient service. So let us get and keep you connected.  

Please contact us:


Marketing & Sales: 340-277-8910

Technical Support: 340-227-2816

Email: customerservice@getconnected1.com


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