Welcome to Get Connected the home of first Remote Tech Support Services in the Virgin Islands. We are providing onsite and remote assistance to home and business with networking issues. Tech Support Application with a 7 Day Trial period of $9.99.
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All Pin will be text or emails to number you enter at the time of checkout within 5-60 minutes. All pins are provide by Calling Mart 1877-GET PIN. If we cannot verify the number or email us at the time of checkout it will only delay your pin getting to you. Price reflects your Local Airvoice stores in the Virgin Islands there is a $5.00 service add your bill in store check-out. Ex. If you purchase a $30.00 card you will give $25.00 worth of Airtime. Please purchase right airtime for your plan because since pins or Airtime are not able to be back to inventory. No Refunds can be given. You will to change your plan to reflect your purchase for the month There will be a service of $0.99 added to your bill at Check out. Please purchase all international time before leaving US or any it's Territories. All ready outside the US an email address will be use to deliver our PIN or REUP.

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